Susan Washington

For ten years, Susan has been inspired by color and paint, texture and application. Once a year faithfully, putting together a canvas and “playing” with the paint on the canvas, only to be stored in a basement until the urge hits, usually the following year, to create again.

Encouraged by a talented expert sculptor and gallery owner, she was persuaded to show one of her paintings in a group show.  That first painting, Kaisan, sold shortly thereafter.  When the couple who purchased it spoke to Susan and said in essence she captured four years of their life in Japan, Susan was convinced it was time to come out of the basement and share her joy with others. Susan is inspired by Japanese culture, having been raised surrounded by Japanese family friends while living in New York.  Her dad was an artist as well as her Japanese Godmother, Kaisan who at a young age showed Susan how to draw and create.   

Her British artist husband, Stephen, has shared his skill and knowledge and continues to inspire and creatively support Susan in her artistic journey. Susan plans to attend college in Fall of 2013 to pursue a Degree in Fine Art and to build her “toolbox.”