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Based In the UK, I come from a family of painters and photographers, now 5 generations, who can also be found on here.
My art work is largely based on sample Textiles and Ceramic Glazes, which I studied whilst at college. I Use natural products to make many of the pigments I use. 
For a number of years i was an early years practitioner, helping Pre-school children to express themselves through music, movement and art. I am especially interested in a childs' communicative development with 'mark making'and how they express themselves through colour and form and how different mediums react with each other, how they can change overtime especially given different environmental influences, heat light moisture, for example. Again, this is something I have been exploring in my own creative process.
My hope is to engage move intrigue and inspire my viewer. Many of the pieces reflect the music I was listening to (LOUD!) whilst in the studio or a lyric that just stuck in my head.
I love working with colour, mixing materials, and am often torn between manipulating and 'lets see what happens when...'

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